Fund Facts

Primary Benchmark

60% S&P 500 Index | 40% Bloomberg US Aggregate Bond Index

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A Flexible Equity & Bond Portfolio

With the Cromwell Sustainable Balanced Fund, we believe a sustainable approach can help improve investment outcomes and risk management. The Fund is an actively managed equity and bond portfolio with a dynamic asset allocation approach focused on outperformance over full market cycles through investments in sustainable companies.

A One-Stop, Easy-to-Implement Solution

The Fund's allocation is based on relative opportunity and generally includes up to 70% in U.S. stocks with the remainder in fixed income. For the equity portion, the Fund is dynamically allocated to primarily sustainable growth-oriented large caps with the remainder of the portfolio in high-quality investment-grade bonds. With this flexibility, we believe the Fund can serve as a one-stop, easy-to-implement solution and achieve outperformance over full market cycles.

In addition, the Fund has a sustainable mandate, which is rare for balanced funds. As of 12/31/23, out of 211 funds in Morningstar's Moderate Allocation category, only 15 feature sustainable portfolios. With the Cromwell Sustainable Balanced Fund, both the equity and fixed income portfolios incorporate sustainability mandates.

Reasons to Invest

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    A Rare Manager Combination

    The Fund combines two experienced management teams: The research-driven prowess of Tran Capital Management and the deep credit bench of Aristotle Pacific Capital.
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    A Flexible Allocation

    Dynamically allocating between 50-70% in sustainable growth-oriented large caps and 30-50% in high-quality investment-grade bonds, we believe the Fund is a one-stop, easy-to-implement solution.
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    Focus on Sustainability

    The Fund has a sustainable mandate—rare for balanced funds. In addition, both the equity and fixed income portfolios incorporate a process to find sustainable companies.